Peace Key

Made by Slaves of Allah.

Quran in English

Translation and simple explanation of each and every single line in the Quran, using for translations.

FAQs of Peace and Islam

Answers to questions frequently asked by those seeking Peace through an Islamic, Sunnah and Quranic perspective.

Peace Key Donations

Where the donations to Peace Key go to, and accounts for each and every single penny donated for charity support.


Note: If you opt to donate without specifying, PeKe considers that donation as a Charity Donation and will automatically make an anonymous account for it.


Donations Accounted (Unless Requested)

Your contributions support community services and humanitarian efforts. Every penny helps in making a difference in someone's life, ensuring your goodwill reaches those in need.


Donations Accounted (by Islamic law)

Fulfill your Islamic obligation through Zakat. Your donations are distributed according to Islamic guidelines, supporting the impoverished and those in need, fostering a sense of brotherhood.

PeKe Services

Donations Accounted (Unless Requested)

Contribute to the maintenance and development of PeKe services, including educational materials and online resources that benefit the community.

PeKe Personal

Donations NOT Accounted (Privacy)

Direct support to individuals and families within the PeKe community, providing a personal touch to your contribution, not accounted for in official records but highly valued.

Accounted donations are transparent, showing exactly how and where every penny is used. Unaccounted donations remain private, respecting the recipients' discretion.

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